The G00bieS Adventures Presents:

Out of the Woodland (Book 1 of the Series)

Charlotte and her brother Thomas live in the Cotswolds, England. During the summer of 2018, it was unusually hot, and their adventure takes them past Mr Tarrant’s fields to the woodland which grow beside the river Windrush. Here they meet new friends both real and mythical. The mythical creatures take them on a journey of curiosity and discovery.

Wonderfully illustrated and easy to follow ‘Out of the Woodland’ immerses the reader in a world of animal and bio- wonders, bridging the real and the imagined. This children’s book with traditional undertones will both delight and enthrall the reader.

Take a sneak peek below

Meet a few characters


Best Friends: Charlotte & Thomas, Danny & Luke, Charlie

Favourite things: She loves wearing her butterfly dress and lilac ribbons. She loves art and reading books.

She is: Speaks her mind with confidence. She is graceful, kind, trusting and adventurous.


Best Friends: Danny, Charlotte, Eva & Edward

Favourite things: Playing with Lego and Transformers and loves riding his bicycle and his pony Crackers.

He is: Happy, active and a loyal brother to Charlotte. He is brave, loves animals but not creepy crawlies.


Best Friends: Luke, Thomas, Charlotte & Eva

Favourite things: He is a true happy country boy who loves all things in nature.

He is: Helpful and honest. He really doesn’t care what he looks like or what he is wearing. Kind, brave and care free.


Best Friends: Eva, Danny, and Thomas

Favourite things: She always wears her jodhpurs and constantly looks for answers about everything in the world.

She is: Organised, confident & protective. Shy in unfamiliar situations.