The G00bieS Adventures Presents:

Beyond the Woodland, Jersey, Channel Islands (Book 2 of the Series)

Charlotte and Thomas arrive in Jersey with butterflies in their tummies… How could they possibly have a holiday with the G00bieS? It’s hard enough keeping them secret at home, but now the children have their hands full after discovering the G00bieS had sneakily joined them on a family visit to Jersey.

Join Charlotte, Tom, Eva, and Charlie on a fun filled adventure as they work around the clock to protect these magical woodland creatures from everyone and everything… Including the family cats!

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Meet a few new characters


Charlie is an 8 year old boy with lots of energy. He is a happy extrovert with a thoughtful nature. He is actually Eva’s neighbour and a particularly good friend of hers. Charlie is trustworthy and in awe of the G00bieS. A helpful chap who sees the humorous side of even the worst situations.


Elena is the cousin of Rick Rogers. A gentle zoologist (she loves all creatures) who works at the zoo in the butterfly enclosure.

Helpful, kind, sometimes quiet. She is pretty, clever, calm and cool.


Mr Rogers is the Jersey vet. He is wise, commanding and helpful. He loves all creatures and the environment – he angers over pollution. Dedicated to his work, he gets involved in the children’s secret and helps a G00bie. He knows Charlotte’s science teacher Mrs Hall.

Aunt Zara

An eccentric mid-aged colourful aunt who forgets the name of everything.

She is kind, fun, forgiving and teases while being teased. She wears the brightest clothes, has googly eyes. She is the first person to ever tell Tom to liven up!